Coronation Street fans FRUSTRATED as THIS storyline appears to be FORGOTTEN

Coronation Street fans think script writers have overlooked a major storyline...

Coronation Street fans have been left annoyed as it seems a big storyline involving Yasmeen and Geoff Metcalfe has been forgotten over recent weeks.

Fans of Coronation Street all know that Geoff has been abusing his wife with his sickening coercive behaviour, leaving her vulnerable and scared.

Yasmeen Coronation Street ITV

Geoff has been mentally abusing Yasmeen for months (Picture: ITV)

As well as cooking up her pet chicken and making her eat it, Geoff has also got his hands on Yasmeen’s money and has been controlling her relationship with her family.

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But fans know that one of Geoff’s favourite ways to control his wife is to make her clean the house top to bottom… leaving fans wondering how Yasmeen hasn’t found the secret cameras that Geoff uses to spy on her.

Last night’s Coronation Street saw Geoff make Yasmeen panic that he was planning to take his own life in a sinister bid to stop her going to Spain for her grandson’s wedding.

Yasmeen Coronation Street ITV

Alya has been trying to show her grandmother Geoff’s true colours (Picture: ITV)

But as Yasmeen arrived home after a series of worrying texts from her husband, she panicked when she found a picture frame with blood on it, terrified that it meant Geoff was hurt.

But little did Yasmeen realise he was happily sitting in a bar, drinking beer, while watching her panicking on his secret camera.

Yasmeen Coronation Street ITV

Fans have been wondering why no one has found Geoff’s hidden camera yet (Picture: ITV)

While the scenes had viewers across the nation gripped, lots were annoyed that Yasmeen still hadn’t found the cameras that Geoff has planted in the house…

While many Coronation Street fans are convinced that Geoff’s cameras are going to be his undoing, others are simply annoyed that he hasn’t been killed off yet.

When Geoff finally arrived home safe and sound, after Yasmeen has missed her flight to Spain, of course, fans were annoyed that he hadn’t been bumped off in a shock twist.

Yasmeen Coronation Street ITV

Geoff didn’t come home last night until after Yasmeen had missed her flight (Picture: ITV)

But by the end of the episode fans were given hope that Yasmeen’s ordeal might be nearing an end when she made a phone call to access information under Clare’s Law.

Yasmeen Coronation Street ITV

Yasmeen tries to get information on Geoff under Clare’s Law (Picture: ITV)

Clare’s Law allows victims of domestic abuse to find out if their partner has history of violence and abuse.

Could this be the wake up call that Yasmeen needs to break away from Geoff?

Coronation Streetโ€™s scheduling pattern has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic and now airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm.

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