Coronation Street fans heartbroken as LEGENDARY character is ‘stabbed in the back’

Coronation Street fans are worrying what the future might hold for poor Sally Metcalfe after last night's trip to Weatherfield...

Monday night’s Coronation Street saw Sally Metcalfe found guilty of fraud, money laundering and bribery, and fans are heartbroken at the thought of the Weatherfield legend spending the foreseeable future behind bars.

But it’s not just the fact that Sally will be eating her Christmas dinner in prison that has got fans in a flap – they’re also fuming that her sister, Gina Seddon, seems to be stabbing Sally in the back by playing mind games with Sal’s husband, Tim.

Sally in Court

Last night saw Sally found guilty of fraud…

After taking to the stand during Sally’s court case, Gina planted the seed of doubt in the jurors’ minds that Sally could have had an affair with Duncan after all.

But if it wasn’t bad enough that Gina had revealed in court that Sally’s had affairs before, viewers weren’t happy about what two-faced Gina then said to her brother-in-law over dinner.

As Tim and Gina sat down to a meal that they should have been sharing with Sally had she been rightly released from jail, Gina told Tim that she was beginning to think that her sister did have an affair with Duncan, giving Tim food for thought.

Sally then called her husband from prison, wanting to speak to him about what had happened, but with Gina’s words ringing in his ears, Tim let the phone call go to voicemail… and fans aren’t happy!

But this isn’t the end of Gina’s deceit, as Tim seriously starts to doubt Sally’s innocence, it looks like their marriage could be on the rocks by the end of this week.

Wednesday’s episodes will see Sally sentenced… but how long does she face in jail while her sister does her best to wreck her marriage in her absence?

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