Coronation Street fans in HYSTERICS after soap airs ‘best scene in years’ last night

Viewers can't get enough of Corrie's new comedy duo - Evelyn and Roy!

Last night’s Coronation Street saw the soap go back to its comedy roots and air what fans are calling “one of the best scenes that Corrie has had in years”.

Viewers were left in hysterics as the first episode of the evening opened with Roy and Evelyn in a steamed up car, having spent all night out looking for Evelyn’s dog, Cerberus.

But as Evelyn grappled with a map, trying to find a new location to search for her beloved pet, she was oblivious to the fact a police officer had turned up and was watching her every move.

Coronation Street Evelyn Plummer

Evelyn is quickly becoming comedy gold on Coronation Street

It didn’t look good for the pair as the police officer, convinced they were up to no good, opened the car door… catching them in a very compromising position.

But as the misunderstanding continued, Evelyn had no idea that what she was saying was being totally misconstrued by the officer – leading to them getting a warning for dogging!

The hilarious sketch was a brilliant reminder of how funny Coronation Street can be, and fans couldn’t get enough of the soap’s new comedy duo…

The second instalment of Coronation Street also didn’t disappoint last night.

After being given a warning by the officer, Roy and Evelyn continued their search for Cerberus, this time roping Tyrone in to help – and on his birthday, too!

The trio managed to track down the dog, but when the man walking Cerberus refused to hand over the pet, Evelyn, Tyrone and Roy were forced to resort to desperate measures and try and steal Cerberus back.

As the trio scaled the dog napper’s fence, trying to find a way to get Cerberus back, they didn’t realise that he had called the police and once again they were caught in a tricky situation by the very same officer.

Policeman – and fellow Weatherfield resident – Craig Tinker also arrived at the scene, but even knowing Craig didn’t help Evelyn get her pet back because she didn’t have the correct paperwork to prove Cerberus was hers.

. Evelyn demands her dog back

Evelyn demanded her dog back, but didn’t have any proof Cerberus was hers

As Evelyn went home empty handed, determined not to give up her fight for her beloved pooch, fans were calling out for more scenes with her and Roy.

Could this be the start of a brilliant new friendship for the pair?

We can’t wait to see more comedy gold from the new double act!

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

Picture credits: ITV /ย Joseph Scanlon

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