Coronation Street fans in tears after THIS scene last night – did you see it?

Last night's Coronation Street saw Sinead and Daniel meet their baby son, and fans couldn't stop the tears...

Coronation Street fans have been left in tears after last night’s double bill saw Sinead Tinker give birth to her premature baby boy.

The drama started when Sinead was told her cancer had spread and she would have to start radiotherapy straight away, but first doctors revealed they would have to deliver her baby.

Terrified about having her little one so early, Sinead struggled to hold it together as her friends from the factory came to visit her ahead of the birth.

Daniel couldn’t cope with the pressure though and was seen having a heart-to-heart with Kirk outside the hospital.

When the time came for Sinead to go to theatre, the pair nervously went through a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute they were excited to meet their little baby, and the next terrified that he was too small to survive in the outside world.

After the baby was whisked away to be looked after by specialists, Sinead then passed out on the operating table, leaving Daniel terrified that he had lost his wife and son on the same day.

Thankfully Sinead and the baby were both fine – but with Sinead having gone through major surgery she was heartbroken when she was told she was too ill to go and see her son in special care.

But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Sinead was able to see her boy through a video call on Daniel’s phone, where she told him that she would make sure she got better so she could come and hold him.

Fans have heaped praise on the storyline and the actors despite the fact they were left in tears, especially after Sinead’s heartfelt video call with her baby…

But, of course, this isn’t the end of the drama for the pair.

Later this week Daniel will discover their son has a bowel condition, something that he hides from delicate Sinead, worried the news would be too much for her as she recovered from her ordeal.

But is he right to keep such a huge secret from his wife?

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