Coronation Street fans REJOICE as THIS character makes a shock announcement

Fans can't get enough of Roy and Nina...

Coronation Street fans have been left thrilled by Roy Cropper standing up for his niece Nina Lucas last night after his bat watching ‘friends’ started being rude about the way she dresses.

Fans of Coronation street will know that Nina and Roy didn’t have the easiest start to their relationship.

Roy and Nina in Coronation Street ITV

Roy’s bat group friend took an instant dislike to Nina last night (Picture: ITV)

The pair met when Roy tracked down his long-lost brother, Richard, but Nina didn’t take kindly to the intrusion from her new-found uncle.

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And just when it looked like Roy was getting through to his niece, Richard sadly died while Roy was meant to be looking after him, leading to Nina refusing to talk to her uncle.

Roy and Nina in Coronation Street ITV

Roy was fuming to hear his friends being rude about Nina (Picture: ITV)

However, with Nina now living with Roy, the pair have managed to patch things up and recently discovered they both shared a love for bat watching.

Roy was thrilled to see he had discovered some common ground with Nina, and invited her along to his bat watching group.

But despite the fact Nina was enthusiastic, the rest of the group took an instant dislike to the teenager thanks to her fondness for black clothes.

Roy and Nina in Coronation Street ITV

Roy’s friends had a problem with the way Nina dressed, and fans were thrilled when Roy quit bat club in protest (Picture: ITV)

But last night saw Roy fuming as his ‘friends’ were rude about his niece for being different, and he triumphantly quit the group when they announced they didn’t want Nina to be part of their gang.

Fans were loving the fact Roy was standing up for his niece in such a big way, and they praised him for putting his family first…

But it wasn’t just Roy who quit bat club. Brian also joined Roy in leaving the group to show his solidarity.

However, while Brian and Roy’s actions speak volumes, they are going to have trouble on their hands later this week when Nina excitedly gets ready for their bat watching trip, only for Roy to lie that the meeting has been cancelled.

Roy and Nina in Coronation Street ITV

Will Roy admit the real reason they won’t be going to bat watching club? (Picture: ITV)

Roy can’t bring himself to tell her that his so-called friends didn’t want her in the group, and instead lies to his niece.

But the only problem is, Nina gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Roy is ashamed to be seen with her.

Will Roy be forced to come clean?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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