Coronation Street fans thrilled as FAVOURITE character makes shock return – did you see it?

There was cause for celebration in last night's Coronation Street when cobbles legend Sally Metcalfe returned to Weatherfield...

Coronation Street fans have been left thrilled to finally see Sally Metcalfe back on the cobbles where she belongs.

Last night’s trip to Weatherfield saw Sally make a dramatic return at the end of the second episode after being found innocent of all the crimes nasty Duncan Radfield set her up for.

But while viewers across the nation were relieved to see the former mayor back home… there was drama before her release from jail when she almost didn’t make it home at all.

With dangerous cellmate Marcia being taken out of segregation, Sally was left fearing for her safety when she came face-to-face wither nemesis once again, after previously hoping that she would have been home before Marcia returned to their cell.

Sally and Marcia Coronation Street

Sally came face-to-face with Marcia again yesterday

Unfortunately for Sally it took Paula longer than anticipated for her to get the hearing through… something that almost cost Sally her life.

Sally was left terrified when Marcia came at her with a weapon, and she would have been stabbed had it not been for her friend from prison book club saving her life.

As one of her friends knocked Marcia out, leaving her out cold on the floor, Sally was seen shaking with fear despite not being hurt.

Poor Sally was finally released at the final hour and went to the Rovers to meet Tim and Sophie… but her return was an emotional one.

Sally was given a heroes welcome as she walked through the door of the pub – and fans couldn’t be happier to see Sally finally free…

But Marcia’s attack earlier that afternoon has understandably had a huge effect on poor Sally, and while she was thrilled to be back on Coronation Street, it seems being out of prison is going to take some time to get used to.

Fans were quick to spot a lovely moment at the end of the second episode between two unlikely characters.

While Tim was at the bar getting champagne, Peter Barlow quietly sat beside Sally and told her that he understood what she was going through.

When she replied that she almost got knifed that afternoon, he didn’t look surmised at all and as the rest of the pub started singing celebratory songs, Peter relied: “It’s a shock to the system. They don’t understand. It changes you.”

Fans were loving this unexpected moment between two people who have been wrongly sent to jail…

Friday night’s episode will see Sally continue to struggle to adapt to life back on the cobbles. Will things ever be the same for fragile Sally again?

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