Coronation Street star on Gina and Tim’s SHOCK Christmas kiss

Is a festive frolic now on the cards?

Gina Seddon thinks all her Christmasses have come at once when brother-in-law Tim plants a kiss on her in Coronation Street this Christmas. In upcoming scenes, the cabbie makes a move on the machinist after having one too many at the Street Cars Christmas party.

Gina can’t believe her luck, having fancied Tim for ages. With sister Sally wrongly locked up for conning Weatherfield council, is this her chance to snare him for herself?

We caught up with Gina star Connie Hyde to get the lowdown…

Do you think Gina is genuinely in love with Tim, or is she just latching onto him because he’s nice to her?

“You’ve summed it up, really, I think that is what she’s attracted to. He’s quite basic as well, Tim; he’s not that complicated. And she is quite chaotic, so that stability and friendship and the very fact that he is nice to her is quite unique in her relationships with men. So I think she misconstrues some of the attention.”

Is Gina jealous of Sally?

“I love the dynamic between them, because they grew up in the gutter basically; they came from a very rough background and had dysfunctional parents. Sally got out very early on, and Gina didn’t, and that’s the cause of a lot of her problems and her dysfunctionality. Sally has done very well for herself, and I think Gina’s glad that Sally has got it all but she’s a little bit: ‘If I’d have got out, maybe…’ and there might be a bit of ‘I wish she’d been there at home’.”

Tim tells Sally he loves her in front of Gina

There’s big trouble ahead for the trio this Christmas on Coronation Street

So how does Gina respond when Tim kisses her?

That’s to be seen, I think. He’s hugged her and things and she’s held on a bit too long. But so far, it has meant nothing to him.”

If Gina goes on to have a relationship with Tim, she will lose her relationships with Sally and Sophie. Is she blind to the consequences?

Yes, and I think that comes with the bipolar. She doesn’t think things through.”

Do you think, in another life, Tim and Gina could have made a good couple?

He’s very uncomplicated so as long as his tea’s on the table – but no, I think she’s a bit chaotic for him, and Tim would very soon get sick of her.”

Will Gina feel guilty about her actions?

“She will do, when she crosses the line. But she doesn’t go out at all for it to happen, and tries to fight it. It’s not easy for her, any of this; none of this planned. She’s not going ‘Oh you’re in prison, so I’m going to…’ She does irrational things without thinking, and it comes more from that. The bipolar is a factor; the fact that she has these massive emotions and doesn’t think of the consequences. Sometimes that can be wonderful because you can be really spontaneous, but it’s dysfunctional in friendships and relationships, I think. You’d want to meet Gina for a drink but you wouldn’t necessarily want her to have a long term relationship with her.”

Sally and Tim are a very popular couple. Are you nervous about the possible backlash from viewers?

“There might be a backlash, but as I say, the way it’s being played, it’s not planned for her. Also, she’s quite a sad character, Gina, in a lot of ways. So I think there will be some sympathy for her. But yes, Sally is one of the most loved characters, so when I got the script I went ‘Oh no!’”

Coronation Street continues on ITV.


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