‘He just needs time!’ Corrie fans react as Michelle is reunited with son Ali

The restaurant manager was shocked to discover Ali had returned to Weatherfield

Fans were treated to more brilliant acting from Michelle Connor star Kym Marsh on Friday night, as her character was faced with biological son Ali once more.

For anyone who needs a refresher, Kym did not raise Ali after a hospital mix up meant she took the wrong baby – Ryan – home. Kym brought Ryan up, completely unaware of what had happened.

After discovering the truth she attempted to have a relationship with Ali but it wasn’t long before she asked his ‘other’ mum Wendy to take him back, causing her son to vow to never see her again.

But Ali is back in Weatherfield, having not been seen since 2008, and Kym is understandably shell-shocked.

After Kym’s strained conversation with doctor Ali, viewers took to social media to give their thoughts.

‘Michelle just needs to give Ali time right now,’ wrote one fan. Another said: ‘I’m really interested to see what’s going to happen with Ali and Michelle. I think Ali might be hiding something.’

And some fans were quick to sympathise with Kym, as Ali gave her the cold shoulder, with one adding: ‘Why is he being so mean? It’s not like it was her fault they got swapped at birth!’

Do you think Kym and Ali will be able to reconnect?

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