Coronation Street fans in disbelief as villain Pat Phelan CRIES after disowning daughter Nicola

Corrie viewers definitely didn’t see this coming…

He’s been the resident serial killer on the cobbles for some time now – but emotional cracks are beginning to show for Pat Phelan, and viewers at home can’t quite believe it.

In a shock twist, the notorious murderer proved he is human after all by breaking down in tears during Friday night’s episode.

After deciding to cut all ties with his daughter Nicola while she lay in a hospital bed ahead of an appendix operation, Pat – played by Conor McIntyre – welled up as he told her he never wants to see her again.

And viewers couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched the emotional scene unfold on their TV screens.

Coronation Street

‘OMG Pat does have emotions and can cry!’ one astounded viewer wrote on Twitter.

‘Phelan is crying I repeat Phelan is crying’, another said.

While a third simply wrote: ‘Wow Pat’s crying!’

Pat’s tears even seemed to be enough to change some viewer’s opinions on his murderous ways.

‘Pat Phelan crying has actually wounded me wtf,’ one person wrote.

‘No wait I’m so confused, how is Pat Phelan crying and how can I feel sorry for him, what is wrong with me!?’ another said.

Coronation Street’s Nicola Thorp: ‘Nicola should be very afraid of Phelan!’

But some weren’t so convinced, with one person tweeting: ‘Phelan’s not crying, his brain’s just leaking’.

Pat’s emotional scene comes after he begged Nicola to deny that she had been hiding teen Seb Franklin in a plot to bring him down.

He said: ‘Just say sorry Dad and I’ll forgive you. And then we can move on. Trouble is you don’t believe me do you? So we cant move on. Well maybe I’ve misjudged you eh? Maybe I’ve got you wrong. I certainly don’t want you in my house.

‘You take good care of that baby because I won’t be around to help. And this breaks my heart to say it Nic. I never want to see you again. Ever.’

Coronation Street continues Monday February 26 at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.


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