The Corrie actress couldn’t even speak following the intense showdown…

Coronation Street actress Sue Cleaver has revealed that she was left ‘utterly exhausted’ after filming Pat Phelan’s ‘death’ scene.

Sue, who plays Pat’s wife Eileen, was left emotionally and physically drained after shooting Friday’s harrowing scenes that saw Eileen stamp on her husband’s hand until he fell from a cliff’s edge into the sea.

And while viewers were thrilled to see the back of murderous Pat, Sue admitted that she couldn’t even muster up the strength to speak to her partner once it was over.

‘To be honest I just collapsed when I got home. I shut the doors and didn’t want to see anybody,’ Sue told the Sunday Mirror.

‘[I told my partner] “Please don’t speak to me. I can’t speak. I can’t actually form the words.

“Why don’t you go to the pub for an hour? In fact, why don’t you go to the pub for 12 hours”.’

Coronation Street spoilers: Will Phelan kill Eileen? Will they both die?

She added: ‘We filmed on top of a harbour wall until 4am, with horizontal rain and sleet and snow and wind. It was bitterly cold and I kept having to have water sprayed all over me.

‘The build-up’s been brilliant and a joy to film, but utterly exhausting.’

While Eileen may think she has seen the last of Pat, viewers are hoping it isn’t the end of his story as police and coastguards have yet to find his body.

One tweeted: ‘Just caught up with Corrie…. still holding onto Phelan being alive!!! Please don’t be dead!!!’

Another said: ‘I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if Phelan was still alive! Phelan is literally immortal remember, he’s alive, planning something!’

And a third added: ‘See if Pat Phelan doesn’t come back ALIVE, tap Eileen on the shoulder and whisper ‘alright love’, I’ll be very disappointed.’

One thing is for certain, life won’t be easy for Eileen moving forward as she returns to face the music on the cobbles.

Sue said: ‘I don’t know how everybody is going to respond to her and how’s going to move on from this difficult period in her life. It’s going to be difficult I imagine.’