Coronation Street viewers completely divided over Simon Barlow’s shock confession

The troubled teen confessed all to the police

Coronation Street viewers were left in shock on Friday evening as Simon Barlow finally faced up to his spiraling behaviour after he was arrested for burglary.

The drama started when the teenager – played by Alex Bain – was convinced to break into Adam Barlow and Daniel Osbourne’s flat by gang leader Tyler Jefferies.

While the boys were keen to get their hands on Flora McArdle’s cash, following the death of her son Vinny, things took a nasty turn when the OAP unexpectedly returned home and Tyler threw a jewellery box at her, knocking her unconscious.

While Tyler quickly ran away from the scene, Simon decided to stay and check Flora was okay which meant he was later arrested on suspicion of burglary when the police arrived.

In a shock turn of events, Simon then broke down in the police station and admitted that Tyler forced him to rob the cafe till and the flat. But despite the teen finally coming clean with the help of his furious dad Peter, viewers of the show were left completely divided over the scenes.

Simon Barlow confesses to the robbery

Some fans thought the teen got exactly what was coming to him, as one wrote on Twitter: “Lock him up, throw away the key!! #simon #corrie”.

While another agreed: “Please lock Simon up, he’s not troubled, he’s evil #corrie”.

And they weren’t the only ones…

Meanwhile, a lot of Corrie viewers couldn’t help but feel sorry for Simon and took to social media to praise him for finally owning up.

While most fans of the ITV soap were happy Simon took the fall for the burglary, there’s one person who definitely wasn’t happy with the 14-year-old and that’s ring leader Tyler.

After bumping into Simon at the end of the episode, Tyler fumed at his accomplice that he’d also been charged by the police before shoving him against a brick wall and vowing revenge.