Coronation Street: Sinead is told she may have cancer – her ‘world turns upside down’, says actress Katie McGlynn

Katie, who plays Sinead, talks about her character's devastating news

Coronation Street star Katie McGlynn has revealed Sinead Tinker is in turmoil this week as the mum-to-be is told she may have cancer.

About a month ago, Sinead was checked out in hospital. She’d started bleeding and was worried for her baby. Though she was given the all-clear, she’s about to get bad news…

This week, Beth reels when Sinead reveals she’s pregnant but bleeding and hasn’t told Daniel.

“She thinks she’s having a miscarriage,” explains the 25-year-old actress, who was born in Rochdale.

Sinead becomes upset

Sinead Tinker gets upset when Daniel starts talking about the baby, but she blames it on her hormones

Sinead raises it at her 12-week scan and when she is examined by an obstetrician, a potentially cancerous lump is found on her cervix.

“Sinead’s whole world turns upside down,” says Katie. “But she thinks if she keeps burying it and doesn’t tell anyone it might not be real.”

So she decides to keep it from Daniel and tells Beth everything is fine. As Sinead furtively books a biopsy appointment, she’s unaware her giddy fiancé is secretly making plans for the same day – for their wedding. How will Sinead react when Daniel springs that on her?

Coronation Street continues on ITV tonight at 7.30pm. Second episode of Coronation Street will follow at 8.30pm.

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