Coronation Street spoilers: Peter and Carla to REUNITE when he makes this dramatic move?

Peter attempts to kiss his ex wife next week... how will she respond? Are they about to get back together?

Peter Barlow is back to his old lothario ways in Coronation Street next week when he tries to kiss Abi Franklin… and his ex wife Carla Connor!

Since Abi (played by Sally Carman) got out of jail, there’s been plenty of chemistry bubbling under the surface between the pair and things get more heated when Peter (Chris Gascoyne) asks Abi to take a look at the boat engine.

First look images on the official Coronation Street website reveal that Abi agrees to come onboard to fix the problem.

As Peter Barlow [CHRIS GASCOYNE] works on his boat, Abi Franklin [SALLY CARMAN] stops and flirts with him.

Peter and Abi have been getting closer and closer in Coronation Street

But, later the pair share a comforting chat as Abi gets emotional and very quickly they end up kissing!

Peter’s boat is very busy next week because Carla (Alison King) also pops over for a visit. Later, Peter and his ex wife are back in the factory and start discussing their relationship.

One thing leads to another and Peter moves in for a snog! But, how will Carla respond? And, what will Abi say if she finds out that Peter is trying to have his cake and eat it?! Does this mean Peter and Carla will reunite?

Talking about Carla and Peter’s on/off past, Alison revealed last year: “I think that, essentially, they just love each other. Even when they say they hate each other they actually know that they don’t. They have this chemistry that neither of them can do anything about because they are quite similar.”

Meanwhile, a dramatic week on the cobbles will also see Gary fire Seb! Abi and Eileen try and talk him out of his effort to adopt the twins, but Seb then lies at the twins’ hearing.

Plus, Evelyn finally tells Tyrone the whole truth about his past. It’s fair to say Tyrone doesn’t like what he hears and is furious with Evelyn. Roy tries to speak to Tyrone, but will his words have any effect?

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

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