Coronation Street star denies romance with Niall from One Direction!

Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent has said she definitely isn’t dating One Direction’s Niall Horan and that they are just friends…

Brooke, who plays Sophie Webster in the ITV soap, has been rumoured to be getting close to the pop star, but told The Sun that rumours they were a couple weren’t true.

“Niall has been my friend since he started on The X Factor, but because I’m single and he said he fancies me, it’s assumed we’ll get together,” said Brooke, who won a brand new contract and promises of a red-hot new storyline from Corries bosses last week.

“I’ve been to One Direction concerts loads of times – with Josh (ex-boyfriend Josh McEachran), my cousins, my sister – because he’s a mate. But nothing has happened between us.

“I’m quite comfortable being single and being myself and doing what I do. I don’t really need someone else there to make myself feel better.”

The 22-year-old also spoke about what she felt the future held for her at Corrie, saying she felt lucky to have a role there.

“I don’t know if I’ll still be at Corrie in ten years, because I take every day as it comes,” she said. “But I still really enjoy myself and love playing Sophie and all the people I work with.”

“When you see people go off, you do think, ‘God, what would I do with myself if I left?’ But I like a routine and I like to know what I’m doing. I like to know that I’m going to go in to work on this day and this person will be there.

“With this job, because it is so important, I would never throw it away for something else I might not like. I know that I’m in a very privileged position.”