Coronation Street star Ryan Russell addresses the future of his character, Michael Bailey, after storyline twist

This week viewers saw Michael Bailey - played by Ryan Russell - be reunited with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Grace.

But the chance meeting outside Freshco is just the beginning of a brand new storyline for Michael – as he realises he has a secret child with Grace.

After seeing his daughter, Tianna, for the first time Michael instantly knows he needs to fight to play a part in her life – which means proving himself to Grace.

Divulging more about what viewers can expect from this storyline, Ryan explained, “Michael wants to better himself for the sake of Tianna and potentially his new family.

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“He wants to prove something to Grace – that he’s a changed man, he’s responsible and he’s got his life together. He’s always had lots of energy with his business schemes, but now he needs to focus all that energy into making money to provide for his daughter.”

On being reunited with his secret daughter, Ryan said, “Straight away when he sees Tianna for the first time he feels that’s his daughter. He feels a sense of responsibility straight away to take care of his child.”

Although viewers saw Michael beg Grace to let him be part of their daughter’s life, she’s made no promises. And it’s clear it’s going to be a battle Michael needs to be willing to fight.

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“He’s going to try really hard to get the access because he wants to be a dad who’s there and present and providing,” Ryan added. “He needs to try and work hard to win Grace over and prove that he is responsible and he is the man to do that.”

Ryan said Tianna is the “purpose” Michael needs in his life in order to remain focussed.

“It means everything to him to get to know his daughter. He’s looking for purpose and for something to drive him to be successful in his life, so I think it means the world to him. He’s had his head in the clouds and been a little bit lost at times but now he’s got a reason to try and prove himself.”


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And, while now the focus appears to be on Tianna, Ryan said he wouldn’t rule out Michael and Grace eventually rekindling their flame.

“I think his main focus is to get to know his daughter, but maybe there’s still a little flame there that will grow as he gets to see his daughter a bit more.”


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