Coronation Street’s David and Nick to come close to KILLING each other!

Bang goes the brotherly love…

Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod has revealed that siblings David Platt and Nick Tilsley will have a huge bust-up next year, with their relationship getting so bad that they come close to killing each other.

The soap boss says that the pair’s fall out will come off the back of a forthcoming storyline involving grandmother Audrey Roberts and her partner Lewis Archer. Over Christmas, it looks like convicted fraudster Lewis has gone back to bad ways when he goes awol, and Audrey then discovers that £80k left to her in friend Archie Shuttleworth’s will has disappeared from her bank account.

Says Iain: “The Lewis / Audrey stuff is a launch pad for a massive family saga with the Platts that will draw in and pit against each other all of the members of the Platt family, with counter argument and recrimination.

“David and Nick end up firstly running a new business together on Victoria Street – a barber’s shop with a pun in the name. Because all soap businesses have a pun in the title!

“So they go into business together, but ultimately a secret that emerges after New Year proves so corrosive that they end up hating each other more than they ever have. I’ve written the words Cain and Abel down. One of them isn’t going to kill the other one – I’ll say that up front – but they’ll come pretty close in terms of how much they come to loathe each other.

“That’s one of the big family sagas, and it starts in January and will play out over the next twelve months.”

David and Nick famously had a huge fall out back in 2013, when David discovered that Nick had slept with his wife Kylie. David went on to carry out a long campaign of revenge, which culminated in him deliberately causing a car crash that left Nick with a brain injury.

The pair went on to heal their rift and become close. But when Nick returned to the cobbles from Nottingham in the Autumn, David gave his sibling a frosty reception; angry that he had failed to answer his calls when he was going through turmoil after being raped by mechanic Josh Tucker.