Corrie baby blow! Ben Price reveals Nick’s next shock…

Nick Tilsley is knocked for six when Leanne admits Steve McDonald is the father of the baby she's carrying, reveals Coronation Street’s Ben Price

Nick Tilsley has been playing happy families with Leanne since she told him she was pregnant as the result of a one night stand. But when she blurts out just who that was with, Nick is stunned, Corrie actor Ben Price tells Soaplife…

How does Nick react when Leanne confesses Steve is the father of her baby?
“First, Nick can’t believe it’s Steve, but then he thinks this is very complicated now… Nick’s known Steve his whole of his life, he lives across the street and this makes the situation very different.”

Could Nick almost pretend the baby was his when he didn’t know who the father was?
“Nick’s been absolutely happy to believe the father is some random guy he’ll never meet. Nick wants to feel like he and Leanne could be a family and doesn’t want any complications, so he didn’t press Leanne about the father.”

Why does she tell him?
“I think Leanne is annoyed with Steve so it’s almost to get back at Steve, a bit like, ‘Right,  you just wanted to brush it under the carpet, so I am going to tell Nick’. And Nick is stunned when she does – he can’t figure out why Leanne  slept with Steve.”

What happens next?
Nick goes to see Steve. The plan is to scare him. Steve says he has no interest in Leanne or the baby but Nick has to make sure it stays that way forever. Nick has to find a bit of a lever to make sure Steve won’t change his mind – and he might once the baby’s born!”

Nick orders Steve to move away or he will tell Michelle – is this an empty threat?
“No, Nick is quite happy to tell Michelle. This is the difference in Nick Tilsley now – he’s gone through so much with his brain injury and the Carla stuff. He’s changed. Nick tells Steve that unless he does what he wants, he’ll definitely tell Michelle.”

Will he ever be able to get over the fact Steve is the baby’s natural dad?
“Nick may be able to get over this fact, but Steve is going to have to stay well out of the way!”

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