Corrie takes a direct hit from a falling drone

A commercial operator filming overhead shots for a virtual reality tour has crashed a drone on Corrie

Corrie is used to tragic car crashes, but bringing things into the 21st century, the soap has now seen its first-ever drone crash.

A remote-controlled craft was being used on set to film footage for a virtual reality package for the show’s audience tour, according to The Sun.

A drone
(Matt Rourke/AP)


However, the drone lost control and crashed into the Bistro. It was apparently a close shave for Corrie bosses, who were on set.

A source told the newspaper: “The bloke flying this thing was an external operator and he turned up promising to deliver shots that are the bees’ knees.

“However, it was anything but as he smashed the thing into one of their most prized sets.

Tracy and Ken are surprised to find Robert working at Nick's Bistro


“He could have taken someone’s head off; they’re not normally used on the day-to-day set because of the risks. They’re quite tricky to fly and you need a commercial licence to operate one.

“It raced over the heads of crew and directors before a less-than-glamorous landing at the Bistro. Luckily, there wasn’t much damage”.

A spokesman for the ITV show said: “No one was injured and the Bistro is still intact.”

Drones can hit speeds of up to 45mph and are frequently used by photographers to get aerial shots.