Corrie viewers left ‘heartbroken’ over THIS character’s worrying storyline

Monday night's episode had some devastating scenes...

Corrie fans were left heartbroken following Monday night’s episode, which saw troubled Abi Franklin struggle with her demons.

During the hour-long episode, viewers witnessed the mum-of-three reach breaking point after a tricky few weeks. The troubled Weatherfield resident recently lost her job, and saw her three children taken under the care of foster parents.

In emotional scenes, viewers witnessed Abi, played by Sally Carman, cancel her twins Charlie and Lexie’s visit, after seeing how happy they appear with their foster parents.

Coronation Street spoilers: Will Abi Franklin abandon the twins?

She confessed to her other son Seb, “I cancelled the visit. It’s been hard since I had them.

“These strangers are taking in Charlie and Lexie and giving them everything I can’t. What kind of mother would I be to deny them that?”

But later on in the episode, Abi, who is a recovering addict, broke down, and put in a desperate call to her best friend Tracy Barlow to help her out. However, Tracey didn’t pick up the phone, leaving Abi at risk on her own.

She told her answering machine, “I need to see you Trace. I’m desperate here. The twins don’t need me. You should see how happy they are, laughing their little heads off.

“I don’t want to infect them with my poison. Please Tracy call me back, I need a mate. I’m worried what I might do.”

However, it looked as though Tracy got to her pal too late, as she was seen slumped on the road with a bottle of vodka in hand – seemingly already have inflicted too much damage on herself. Abi was then rushed to hospital in the back of an ambulance.

Viewers of the soap were left gutted after seeing the difficult scenes, taking to social media to share how sad it was. One wrote, “Oh Abi, this is heartbreaking 💔 #Corrie @itvcorrie”, and another commented, “I feel sorry for Abi. 😭 @sallycarman1 #Corrie”

Another fan revealed how heartbreaking they found the scenes, but praised actor Sally for her performance. They said, “Abi is breaking my heart tonight. Sally Carman plays her pain and her agony so brilliantly”.

And a second wrote, “@sallycarman1 Absolutely heart broken for Abi just now. I really like her character, and she’s trying to sort her life out.”

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