Coronation Street‘s Krissi Bohn has revealed that her character’s lesbian storyline was ‘daunting’ – but she got a little help from co-star Brooke Vincent.

The actress, who plays physiotherapist Jenna Kamara, has been involved in some dramatic scenes recently after her character’s brief kiss with Sophie – played by Brooke – resulted in her being suspended from her job.

However she said on the show’s official website that Brooke’s previous experience with similar storylines made theirs easier to film.

“Obviously it’s been quite daunting but because she’s done all this before with Sacha Parkinson, she knows what comes with it and has really helped,” Krissi said.

“I absolutely love working with Brooke, she’s so funny and down to earth. She’s so friendly and she really puts you at ease.”

Krissi, who first appeared in the ITV1 soap last September, also said she enjoys the screen partnership between her and screen dad Lloyd Mullaney, played by Craig Charles.

“I think the best thing to come out of this whole storyline for me is that we’ve been able to establish more of a father/daughter relationship,” she said. “It’s really bonded them and it’s really nice to see that family dynamic grow,”

She added she had been delighted with the feedback from fans. “They’ve been really positive. They seem to like Jenna so far which is nice.”

“People have been asking me for a while if she’s going to be gay and if she’s going to have a relationship with Sophie so it’s great to be able to explore that now.”