Coronation Street‘s Oliver Mellor has revealed the red-blooded men in the cast are smitten with co-star Michelle Keegan.

The hunky actor has been sharing lots of screen time with Michelle as his alter ego Dr Matt Carter vies for the attentions of her character, Rovers barmaid Tina McIntyre.

Oliver told the Daily Mirror: “Most guys on the Street would like Tina as their on-screen girlfriend and I think, deep down, they all fancy Michelle.

“Everyone has a secret crush on her. But you can’t really blame them, can you?”

Oliver, 30, who is dating PR executive Charlotte Bury, 25, insisted there were no awkward moments while filming intimate scenes with Michelle.

“When we did our first kissing scene I was joking all the day that I’d been eating crab paste and garlic to make my breath stink,” he said.

“I don’t think Charlotte was too thrilled with the fact that my on-screen girlfriend was going to be Michelle Keegan but, let’s face it, the doc was always going to get a love interest.

“As an actor that’s what you hope for, so we had spoken about it beforehand, and now she’s really pleased for me because it’s like a promotion.”