Gary's done the dirty on Sarah Platt, but his wife's still unaware of his betrayal...

We really did have high hopes that young Gary Windass and Sarah Platt could be the couple to survive the drama of the Street. After all, Sarah’s had such a tough time recently, having to deal with her disturbed daughter Bethany, who fell victim to a paedophile ring led by the sinister Nathan.

And now the one person that she thought she could rely on, her husband, has betrayed her in the worst possible way, cheating with neighbour Nicola Rubinstein in last night’s (September 29) dramatic episode. Sarah is sure to be furious when Gary’s secret is revealed, and actress Tina O’Brien, who plays Sarah in the show, isn’t too happy about his behaviour either – in fact, she’s pretty “gutted” about the whole thing.

“When I first found out that Gary was going to cheat on her I said ‘Aww!'” she told the Daily Express. “There aren’t many couples on the Street that are happy and I believed that they were one of the few.

“I thought that her relationship was possibly the one area of her life that was drama free, so I do feel sorry for her. She’s had a rough time of it and it doesn’t look as if that’s over.”

“Of course she doesn’t know what Gary has done, but there’s no going back from it, so she’s surely going to find out one day.”

She continued, “Sarah doesn’t understand what’s going on with Gary. He’s acting strangely and is very agitated. He’s clearly hiding things from her and there’s a lack of communication that’s created a divide between them.

“Nicola gives him something that he’s missing – she’s somebody that he can unburden himself to and one thing leads to another.”

The scene itself has been mocked by viewers as the ‘shortest sex scene of all time’.

After Gary vented his frustrations about ‘nag’ Sarah and Nicola listened to his woes, he succumbed to temptation and the pair stripped off for a romp that (SPOILER ALERT!) will result in Nicola becoming pregnant.

Viewers were then shocked to see that after the advert break, Gary had done the business and was now fully clothed, albeit rather out of breath.

Whatever’s going on with Gary, Sarah has plenty of other things to worry about.

Tina added: “Sarah is really worried about Bethany. She knows appearing in court is going to be a really big deal for her, but she almost plays it down, as she thinks Bethany will be in turmoil having to re-live what happened.

“I couldn’t cope with her life at all! I definitely wouldn’t want that much trouble in my life!”