Couch Potato (almost) at the Cinema – Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Gleeks! Imagine the disappointment you’d feel if you found these in your letterbox?

Two tickets to the Glee: The 3D Concert Movie gala – it should produce a big ‘hurrah’, but for me it was more like ‘pah’ because it was four days after the event had taken place.

It was last week you see. Sofa Spud and I were enjoying a weeklong London staycation and looking forward to the Glee gala as a highlight. But, after three nights of riot horror, we were unable to sustain that carefree holiday feeling and wanted out. So we packed our bags, cancelled our plans and took the midnight train going anywhere (…actually it was a car mid-morning going to a specific country destination, but hey, that doesn’t sound half as poetic).

So, needless to say, we didn’t get to enjoy a fun evening watching the all-singing, all-dancing Glee crowd in all their 3D glory. Such a Shame.

But, you know what, despite the sighs caused by discovering this missed opportunity in my letterbox, I was able to comfort myself with two things:

1)      I still had a letterbox.

2)       I got to see the original live show on which this movie is based back in June and that was fab.

And so is this movie version, according to my good friend (and fellow Gleek) who did attend.

Apparently, it features footage from that exhilarating live show combined with documentary-style interviews with fans and the in-character cast – a bit like ABBA:  The Movie. Yes, I know some of you younger Gleeks won’t get that reference – but you should check it out, it’s great.

Of course there’ll be the critics – who’ve never seen a single episode of Glee in their lives – who’ll try and rip this movie to shreds. I can already hear their vitriolic mumblings, and can envisage them flinging words such as ’camp’, ‘saccharine’, ‘nauseating’, ‘cheesy’, and ‘tweeny’ like slushies at this undeserving concert film without a thought to who they might hurt, or offend.

Luckily, the very nature of Glee and its multigenerational appeal is that it shows us how we can brush off such negativity with like-minded friends over a good song and a dance. And, let’s face it, not even the most scathing, sarcastic, wordsmith of a film critic can equal the now iconic insults of the queen of tracksuit style herself – Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). But, I’ll enjoy watching them try.

To activate the sound in the trailer: hold your cursor over the screen to reveal the control panel and click on the volume control in the bottom right-hand corner.

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie is on general release from 19th August

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