Couch Potato at the cinema: A controversial depiction of real life in I Want Your Love

This daring and honest depiction of life for a group of thirtysomething gay men in San Francisco has been banned in Australia, and has caused headaches for film censors across the globe.

The movie’s main character Jesse (Jesse Metzger) is preparing to move back to his Ohio hometown after attempts to make it as a performance artist have failed. As his friends prepare a farewell party, he prepares for his departures while struggling with his anxieties around his family, work and relationships.

It’s an emotive story, but it doesn’t sound all that controversial does it? But that’s because it’s not the plot that’s caused the uproar; it’s the framing of the story. You see, director Travis Mathews has made no attempt to censor the depiction of the thing that dominates the everyday lives of gay men – sex.

And this honesty is what makes this emotive movie stand out from the usual narrative feature. A sexual dialogue runs parallel to the social dialogue and cleverly reveals what is going on for these characters below the surface.

For non-gay audiences, it’s likely to shock in its blunt depiction of gay relationships – especially as the sex scenes leave nothing to the imagination and uninitiated audiences will probably find it uncomfortable viewing. For gay audiences however, this is a refreshingly realist movie that offers a truthful take on what life is really like.

Released from Friday 28th June at selected UK cinemas and on Curzon Home Cinema

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