Sex and the City 2, Kristin Davis

DISLIKE: that Charlotte is reluctant to leave her family when presented with Samantha‘s invitation to an all expenses trip to Abu Dhabi.

DISLIKE: the ways she brings her kids along to gatherings with the girls.

LIKE: the fact that her oldest daughter is very well behaved at Anthony and  Stanford‘s wedding. And, I like even more that the other noisy one is totally kept out of the way.

LIKE: her choice of nanny, Erin,

Sex and the City 2, Kristin Davis,

DISLIKE: the way she seems to have bought into the global cupcake obsession. I can’t stand the things.

Where did the current fashion for these colourful sponge and sugar confections come from? Who is to blame?

Oh, right…

Well anyway, I think I’m going to have to join the I Hate Cupcakes group on Facebook. In the meantime, someone invent a new baking trend please.

DISLIKE: the way Charlotte judges others by her own uptight standards.

LIKE: that she admits she find it difficult to be a mother.

Sex and the City 2, Kristin Davis

DISLIKE: her vanity in going on a trip to the desert in stilleto heels.

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I’ll be looking at Miranda tomorrow.