Sex and the City 2, Kim Cattral

LIKE: I love how fabulous Samantha looks for her age. Can you believe that Kim Cattrall is 53?

DISLIKE: her many hang-ups about the menopause and dependency on drugs. None of us stay young forever. Get over it.

LIKE: that she insists that her three best friends accompany her on an all-expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi.

LIKE: the way she doesn’t stand for Charlotte‘s reservations about going on the trip, stating “I come to all your children’s parties, so you’re coming with me to Abu Dhabi.” Absolutely!

Sex and the City 2, Kim Cattral

DISLIKE: the way she’s so driven by her desire for sex, giving no consideration to the trouble this might get her friends into in the Middle East.

LIKE: the fact that hers is the character that can tell the cheapest, crassest jokes and still get away with it. 

Sex and the City 2 is out at cinemas now.

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