Couch Potato is very excited about the latest Crystal Palace Cinema Campaign news

Cinema Paradiso

There’s a chance we might actually get a local cinema in Crystal Palace where I live. 

Having just got home after a busy day at work, I thought I’d check my emails while the bottle of wine chills in the fridge, and I’ve just discovered that my community’s Crystal Palace Picture Palace Campaign has had some very good news.

Having a local cinema in the area is a dream I’ve been banging on about for months off and on. Read what I’ve had to say about the Crystal Palace Cinema Campaign here.

The former bingo hall building that we locals fancy as our local cinema was bought out by an evangelical group a while ago and they had plans to turn it into a church. 

This plan had to be put on hold though when the group’s application for a church licence was refused by Bromley council last year, helped in part by the massive neighbourhood campaign. But, it was expected that they would appeal.

However, according to today’s local press, the group have confirmed that they are not going to appeal. How great is that! I do hope this is true.

The group are now apparently looking into the possibility of turning it into an entertainment venue. This is positive news. Now the hope will be that they will consider the needs of the  community and sell the property to the cinema group that are keen to buy it.

So, what a great start to the weekend. Now, I wonder if that wine’s ready.

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