Couch Potato Paradox: Movies you have to see on the big screen

Public Enemies, Johnny Depp

Well, it seems that my recent post about the benefits of a local cinema hit a nerve with many of you, judging by your many comments. Clearly, I’m not the only one longing for a picturehouse in close proximity to my home.

While some of you would love a movie theatre on your doorstep to relive nostalgic memories, and others of you fancy an escapist sanctuary, most of you simply desire a local place to provide an all-inclusive community hub, and I couldn’t agree more. Click here to check out that post of mine.

But did you notice that there was one rather essential draw of a local cinema that we barely touched upon?

Gone With the Wind

Yes, that’s right… the films!

The Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland

So, here’s a question – what are the movies you just have to see on the big screen?

Since the absence of local picturehouses has over the years forced me to become the couch potato that I am, it’s a rather tricky question for me to answer, so I’m hoping for your help.

But in the meantime, here are my thoughts about the types of films that just don’t work so well on the small screen.

1. Films with epic cinematography.

2. Films with big effects.

3. Films that everyone is talking about.

4. Films that offer big shared laughs.

5. Who’ll jump out of their seat first? movies.

Blair Witch Project
6. Movies that make you mistrust the person sitting next to you.

7. 3D movies.

8. Audience participation movies.

9. Films reliant on a big screen to show off their beautiful and artistic cinematography .

The Fall
10. Cult movies.

Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope, Alec Guinness

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