Couch Potato Pickings | ABBA the Movie

So, it’s now the third day of the Easter weekend and if you spent Friday and Saturday having the time of your life then you’ll probably have also spent too much money money money, and will need to stay in tonight.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun watching something feel-good and uplifting, like Mamma Mia! Er, no, it’s not showing on TV, sorry, but it’s been recently reported that Mamma Mia! is the best selling DVD ever. Mamma Mia indeed! One in four UK households own a copy of this film apparently. Do I own it? Yes of course I do, I do, I do. However, while Meryl and co are wonderful, it’s undeniably Abba’s catchy tunes that drive this musical phenomenon.

And, it looks like Five have recognized this because they are laying all their love on the Swedish supergroup tonight with a whole evening of programming that screams, “Thank you Abba, thankyou for the music.”

It starts at 9pm with The Abba Years, followed an hour later by Mamma Mia! Where Did It All Go Right? Then, at 11.05pm, it’s ABBA the movie – that cult film from the 70s about a Sydney DJ who tries to get an interview with the four Swedes during their Australian tour, but keeps coming up against their bodyguard (Lou from Neighbours).

ABBA the Movie

So, turn up the volume, open your windows and let’s have a countrywide Abba sing-a-long. The last time I mentioned Abba, my fave song was The Winner Takes It All, but today I’m loving SOS. That stands for Spud On Sofa don’t you know.