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Adam,Rose Byrne,Hugh Dancy

Adam, starring Brit actor Hugh Dancy, is a film about a guy with Asperger’s syndrome.

When Adam meets Beth (Rose Byrne), an attractive young woman from his New York apartment block, the pair are instantly attracted. But, as they get to know each other, his  apparent rudeness and insensitivity turns her off, until he tells her about his condition.

For more info on this film, check out my previous post Adam – a film about Asperger’s Syndrome.

Movies that offer windows into social disabilities such as this one are really valuable, I think. By portraying a condition from a human perspective, they aid understanding and awareness and hopefully make us more senstitive to people’s differences.

Here are some other social disability movies worth seeing:

Rain Man,Tom Cruise,Dustin Hoffman

This Oscar winner from 1988, starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, significantly raised awareness of autism.

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s character Arnie has a developmental disorder in this offbeat smalltown drama from 1993.

I Am Sam,Sean Penn,Dakota Fanning

This 2001 drama features another character with a developmental disability – Sam (Sean Penn), a father seeking custody of his six-year-old daughter (Dakota Fanning).

In this 2005 movie, two Asperger’s sufferers (Josh Hartnett and Radha Mitchell) attempt to build a relationship.

My Name is Khan,Shah Rukh Khan,Kajol

Another movie about an Asperger’s sufferer. This one’s about a Muslim man with the condition, who faces increased problems after 9/11.

This TV movie stars Mary-Louise Parker as a mother who discovers that her twin sons are autistic and sets about finding a way to help their condition.

Adam is showing on Sky Movies Premiere today, 16th October, at 4.30pm

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