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I’m not always a couch potato you know.

An Inconvenient Truth

I’ve made you think I spend my weekends mountaineering now, haven’t I? Oops, sorry, that’s a picture from tonight’s movie.

What I was trying to say was that I’m not always a couch potato because sometimes I’m a bed spud.

Yes, yes , yes, you can tut-tut all you like. I know you’re out there shaking your head and making that toothy noise, but you know what, I don’t care. I enjoy watching TV in bed, snuggled up under the duvet with my other half of an evening. We’re a happy pair of potatoes together, unwinding in front of the box.

And, I feel I can justify my bed spud behaviour because it’s good for the environment. How’s that? Well, if I retire to bed before 9pm, particularly in the winter, I don’t need to have the lights or the heating on and I’m therefore saving the planet (and my pennies come to that).

So, I’m doing my bit to reduce my carbon footprint. I’m told I’m doing most of the right things according to this quiz, while this one tells me I’m doing a good job at being green.

I could do better though, and I need to watch tonight’s film because I have one problem area that does need addressing for the sake of the planet, and unfortunately it’s linked to my bed-spud behaviour.

An Inconvenient Truth

You must have experienced this too? When reading or watching TV in bed, you sometimes doze off, waking hours later with the light still on and your book on the floor, or the TV still on with some obscure entertainment show that ends up invading your dreams when you return to sleep?

I do this a lot. It’s not good. Even if I do manage to switch off the TV before dropping off, I’m usually too drowsy to do what I should do and switch it off at the wall. With heavy lids, it’s all I can muster to click the clickaroo (that’s our household name for the remote control) which of course means that the TV sits on standby all night.

An Inconvenient Truth

Very bad.

I need to stop doing this. If I fall asleep, I need to wake up, which is, in fact, the name of Melissa Etheridge

Here’s a quiz about the film for you while you’re thinking about it.