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So, Sandra Bullock has won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture –  Drama. Do you think she’ll win Best Actress Oscar? Or will it be Meryl?

I think both are great. Bullock is brilliant and marvellous Meryl truly deserved her Best Comedy Actress gong for Julie and Julia. How ironic that Meryl scooped the Globe for her portrayal of Julia Child on the same day that some surgeon made the news trying to impose a ban on butter. Hasn’t he seen the film? How can we all continue to declare ‘Bon Appetit’ without Julia Child’s favourite ingredient?

Julie and Julia, Meryl Streeo,Amy Adams

Anyway, I digress. Since I’ve kind of done a best of Meryl Streep before (check that out here), I thought I’d do a Best of Bullock today. People seem to have forgotten, you see, that Bullock isn’t only a comedy actress. Only yesterday, I overheard someone exclaiming that Bullock has only ever been in daft comedy films.

But it’s not true! Not only is Bullock’s Golden Globe win for her role in The Blind Side – a serious drama, but this isn’t the first film that’s seen Sandra reining in the comic klutziness and applying her talents to serious stuff. Think her Harper Lee role in Infamous or her bigoted wife role in Oscar-winner Crash.

Infamous,Sandra Bullock

I’ve not seen The Blind Side yet, but it’s already broken records for the highest Box Office figures for a female-led movie ever. Since I love Sandra Bullock, it’s a must-see for me, so the 12th March weekend will see me leaving my couch – a rare experience for me (click here to find out why that is).

In the meantime, check out my Best of Bullock here:


Speed,Keanu Reeves,Sandra Bullock

With the help of Keanu Reeves, Sandra takes the wheel on a bus that’s wired to explode if it slows under 50mph. This was Bullock’s first big film.

While You Were Sleeping

This romcom was Bullock’s next big movie after Speed. She plays a ticket-seller who has a crush on a commuter. After saving him from a speeding train, she tells his family that she is his fiancée  as he lies in a coma.

Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality,Sandra Bullock

What’s not to love about this? As Chandler from Friends explains ‘She’s an FBI agent, posing as a beauty contestant.” Enough said.


Crash, Sandra Bullock

In this Oscar-winner, Bullock is brilliantly despicable as a racist bigot whose prejudices are ignited further when she and her husband experience a carjacking.

Miss Congeniality 2

Miss Congeniality 2, Sandra Bullock

Bullock glitters once again in this watchable sequel, which benefits greatly from its Dolly Parton cameo (Happy Birthday Dolly).

The Lake House

The Lake House, Sandra Bullock

Bullock reunites with Keanu to play a doctor who falls in love with an architect after corresponding with him by mail. However, one is living in 2006 and the other is still in 2004…  The movie is let down by its slow pace, and the time travel plot can be confusing, but it’s a strong role for Sandra.


Infamous, Sandra Bullock

It may be the lesser known of the two Truman Capote biopics, but this one is in my opinion far better than Oscar winner Capote. Bullock stars as Capote’s close friend and fellow writer Harper Lee.

The Proposal

The Proposal, Sandra Bullock

In this Golden Globe-nominated blockbuster, Bullock plays a bossy publishing executive who forces her assistant to pretend he’s her fiance so that she can avoid deportation. The charade gets complicated when the pair attempt travel to Alaska to meet his family. I love this romcom, which includes a wonderful performance from Betty ‘Rose from the Golden Girls’ White. For me, this is Bullock’s best film yet.

The Blind Side 

I’ve not yet seen this sports drama, so I’m afraid I can’t comment, but I’m confident that it deserves to sit among the best.

The Proposal is currently available on demand on Sky Box Office and Filmflex.

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