Couch Potato Pickings – Bring It On, and the world of the American high school

 Bring It On

Pretty Kirsten Dunst gets her pom poms in a twist as she sets out to win a national cheerleading championship in this high-kicking high school movie. Inter-school rivalry, last-minute hitches, a bit of love interest and wonderfully choreographed routines, – it’s got everything you’d expect, but it’s well done, and fun.

Bring It On

Fun to watch that is. I’d hate to be part of that world. Football leagues, cheerleading squads, proms, yearbooks and friends called Torrence, Missy, Whitney, Isis, Courtney, Kasey and Cliff. Eek! It fills me with horror. 

Nevertheless, I have had loads of fun this weekend visualising myself as an American high school teen thanks to this extremely addictive site. If you’ve got the Sunday blues today, you should Yearbook Yourself. You’ll be in stitches. Check it out. I haven’t laughed so much in months.

Bring It On is showing tonight on Channel 4 at 10.50pm

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