Couch Potato Pickings | Buster


Following last week’s news that Justice Secretary Jack Straw has denied train robber Ronnie Biggs parole, it’s very timely that this film about his fellow train robber Buster Edwards is showing today.

Now legendary, The Great Train Robbery of 1963 saw a 15-member gang stealing £2.6 million (that’s about £38million in today’s money) from a mail train in 1963.

Phil Collins

Phil Collins (who inevitably features on the film’s soundtrack) plays Buster Edwards in this 1988 comedy-drama, and his hugely tolerant wife, June, is played by Julie Walters.

Julie Walters

This movie has a happy ending of sorts, but six years after the film was made Buster was found hanging in a lock up garage near Waterloo station.

Buster is showing on BBC1 tonight at 11.30pm