Habib Boufares), a struggling French fisherman who decides to pursue his dream of opening a restaurant specialising in his ex-wife’s delicious fish couscous dish.

Couscous,Habib Boufares

It’s a brilliant movie, and it’s won loads of awards. The best thing about it though (besides Hafsia Herzi‘s entrancing belly dancing at the film’s climax) is the fact that you’ll be seriously craving a bowl of Tunisian fish couscous by the time it ends.

Couscous,Hafsia Herzi

So, with that in mind, I’ve searched the web for recipes.

Unfortunately, I can’t find anything that comes close to Slimane’s ex-wife’s fish couscous recipe, so instead here’s a link to The Hairy Bikers’ Algerian Couscous.

Since the film’s French title Le Grain et le mulet translates as The Grain and the Mullet, it seems rather appropriate.


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