Couch Potato Pickings | Crash: Did it deserve that Best Picture Oscar?

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I you visited Movie Talk on Saturday then you’ll already know that I wasn’t happy back in 2006 that tonight’s film won the Best Picture Oscar at the Academy Awards. Now, this is isn’t because I think that Crash is a bad film. It’s because Brokeback Mountain, a far more deserving movie, didn’t win. Click here to read my thoughts about that.

Here are five reasons why I think Crash shouldn’t have won that Best Picture Oscar:

1.  Unoriginal. While Crash has a great script and does deliver a clever portrayal of the prejudices that exist within all ethnic groups, it doesn’t break any new ground. Racial tensions have been covered in the movies before many times.

2.  Forgettable. Four years on I struggle to find anyone who can remember much about this movie.

3.  No stand-out performances. While this is somewhat understandable since it features such a huge array of characters, it doesn’t hold as an excuse. I can think of plenty of other films with huge cast lists that feature  memorable performances.

4.  Other awards and box office figures. Crash didn’t do half as well as Brokeback Mountain at the Box Office and it didn’t bag as many other awards as Ang Lee’s movie either.

5.    Cinematography. Crash’s cinematography comes nowhere near Brokeback Mountain’s. Come on.

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