Couch Potato Pickings: Crime and Justice movies for Inside Justice Week

People are fascinated by crime and justice aren’t they?

You just have to look at the amount of films and TV programmes devoted to the subject.

Personally, I’m a glutton for Wire in the Blood, Trial and Retribution, and Waking the Dead, or a good serial killer movie.

But, how seriously should we take these crime dramatisations? They are all created for our entertainment after all, so very much rooted in fiction.

That’s got me wondering. How much do we actually know about the real world of crime and sentencing?

12 Angry Men

Well, guess what; residents of England and Wales have the chance to find out, because today marks the start of Inside Justice Week, a government initiative designed to increase the public’s understanding of the Criminal Justice System. To find out more about specific events in your area click here.

And, to get you in the mood, and get you pondering about how crime is handled in other countries (and alternative worlds), here’s a line-up of  the crime and justice movies showing on TV today:

– A woman is pursued by a killer after testifying against him in court in One Woman’s Courage on True Movies at 1pm.

12 Angry Men

– When a murder case jury retires to consider its verdict, 11 of the jurors are convinced of the defendant’s guilt, but the 12th is not so sure in 12 Angry Men on Sky Screen1 at 1.20pm.

– An inept bunch of new recruits to the Secret Service cause a right old carry on in Carry on Spying on G.O.L.D. at 2.20pm.

Call Northside 777

– A reporter tries to find out the truth about a 12-year-old murder case and prove the innocence of a man sent down for a murder in fact-based Call Northside 777 on Sky Movies Classic at 3pm.

Dead Man Walking, Sean Penn

– Susan Sarandon’s social worker nun becomes the spiritual adviser of Sean Penn’s death-row prisoner in Dead Man Walking on Sky Movies Modern Greats at 5.55pm & 12.45pm.

– A man takes the law into his own hands when the courts fail him in Cruel Justice on True Movies at 7pm.


– Police conspiracy thriller Chaos is showing on Sky Action Thriller at 7.10pm

– What happens when you cross a Hong Kong detective with a LAPD cop? Rush Hour that’s what – on G.O.L.D. at 9pm.

Mean Machine, Vinnie Jones

– Vinnie Joes plays professional football player-turned-convict in sporting prison drama Mean Machine on Film4 at 9pm.

Pride and Glory

– A family of New York cops is torn between loyalty and justice after a raid goes wrong in Pride and Glory on Sky Movies Premiere at 10pm.

Silence of the Lambs

– Jodie Foster’s FBI agent has to collaborate with one of the most dangerous murderers ever brought to justice in order to track down a twisted serial killer in The Silence of the Lambs on Sky Screen 1 at 10.05pm. (This is the one for me).

The Condemned

– A death-row prisoner in South America is forced to take part in an illegal, violent reality game show in The Condemned on Sky Action Thriller at 10.55pm.

– A mercenary is recruited to rescue the son of a drug lord from an African prison in Mercenary for Justice on FX at midnight.

– A man from the future plans to escape from a futuristic prison in futuristic thriller No Escape on Channel 4 at 2.15am

If you too are fascinated by the world of crime, then you should also check out the Crime TV section here on the What’s On TV website.