Cronos – a dark and moody tale from Guillermo del Toro – is  a stylish spin on the vampire/eternal life theme. At the centre of the story sits a curious and exquisite object known as the Cronos device. It’s like a cross between a fabergé egg and a very showyoffy makeup compact case. When handled, this object leaps into action extending long sharp claws into the skin of its handlers, drawing blood and granting them eternal life… at a cost.

The film’s not particularly scary, but it’s wonderfully atmospheric, and absolutely breathtaking to look at.

Back in the early 90s, I had a press office job and I was involved in generating media interest in this movie.

That probably sounds exciting and glamorous, and it did have its moments, but back then, in the days before email, my job was more about stuffing envelopes, and photocopying, stapling and collating press packs than it was about hobnobbing with the stars.

And it could send you insane that collating… Just when you thought it was all done, we’d  discover a printing mishap, an embarrassing typo, or a piece of essential info that just had to be added and the re-collating would begin.

Understandably, my colleague and I were no strangers to paper cuts, and we often had ugly broken fingernails from trying to remove those pesky stubborn staples.

However, it was while working on Cronos that we discovered and came to appreciate that revolutionary office accessory – the staple remover. With its two tiny claws it single-handedly changed our working lives.

To this day I still refer to this tool affectionally as ‘the Cronos device’.

Cronos is showing today, 22nd October, on Film4 at 11pm