Couch Potato Pickings | Crossing Delancey

Gosh this is a busy week. I’m worn out and it’s only Tuesday.

I must be getting old, adn I havae to say I feel old, because I’ve just learnt that TCM turned 15 this month.

For a channel that shows loads of old movies, I expect it to have an age to match.

Oh well, I mustn’t be bitter just because I’m rapidly approaching my fifth decade. I’m very happy for the teenage channel, especially since they’ve launched a  swanky new 15th anniversary website to entertain people like me. It’s full of interesting facts and such a cool design. Click here to check it out. I love it.

My film picking for tonight is showing on TCM at 7pm. Because I’m feeling tired, I fancied something easy to watch and this 1980s rom com