Couch Potato Pickings – Dirty Dancing

Over recent weeks I’ve found myself watching snippets of Dirty Dancing: The Time of Your Life on Living.

Last week when this reality show reeled me in briefly, Kelly Brook was exclaiming  how she, like many women, dreamed as a girl of being taught to dance by a handsome Johnny Castle-type guy.


Seriously, really? Are there really loads of women out there who’ve fantasized about being taught to dance by a hip-swivelling Patrick Swayze lookalike at a holiday resort?

I guess there must be. The Living series wouldn’t have been created if there wasn’t a hugely popular desire to emulate the Baby and Johnny chemistry. And I’m well aware of the female bonding experience to don the obligatory Nobody puts Baby in a Corner’ t-shirt and travel to London’s West End
the film. This clip has just reminded me how much. It is indeed a moving and entertaining romance with great acting and great dancing, and Dirty Dancing: The Time of Your Life has opened my eyes to how tricky those dance moves actually are. However, this yearning for the Baby and Johnny relationship is something I’ve never  shared, and I am therefore amazed at how extraordinarily popular the film’s become over the years in comparison to other musical dramas. After all, it’s hardly got the most memorable soundtrack.

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who are looking forward to tonight’s movie, even though they probably own it on DVD. If that sounds like you, then please let me know what it is about this film that makes you love it so much.

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