Couch Potato Pickings | District 13

When French futuristic action thriller District 13 was released in 2006 it acted like a showcase for  free-running –  you know, those running and jumping stunts (also known as parkour) that have since more famously featured in Bond movies Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

Read more about free-running here.
District 13‘s story is set in Paris in 2010 (that’s next year!!) where the authorities have abandoned the city’s crime-ridden 13th district to its gangs and drug lords. But when an enormously powerful missile ends up in the sealed-off ghetto, an elite police officer  has to join forces with a police-hating convict in order to track it down and defuse it.

District 13

There are two main reasons for watching District 13 tonight:

1. The stunts are truly amazing.

2. The sequel District 13: Ultimatum comes out at select UK cinemas from tomorrow before being released on DVD on 26th October.

Film 4 is showing the French language (subtitled) version of District 13 tonight at 9pm.

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