Couch Potato Pickings | Eclipse & It’s Complicated – two love dilemmas, two generations

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Cheerful romcom It’s Complicated and Eclipse – the final film in the supernatural Twilight saga – tell two very different stories.

The first is a merry yarn about divorced, middle-aged mother of three Jane (Meryl Streep), and the other is an atmospheric, moody tale about high school teenager Bella (Kristen Stewart).

However, despite their differences, they do have one thing in common – love dilemmas.


In both films the central female character is pursued by two suitors.

For many women, this is a favourite fantasy – being adored by two suitors, being wooed, being fought over. Are childhood fairy stories to blame? Who knows. I’m not going to attempt to analyse why this might be. All I know is that the harsh reality is that it’s actually difficult, painful and upsetting to have to choose between two love interests. In fact, as both of these films reveal in their very different ways, it’s really not much fun at all.

The Twilight Saga: The Eclipse, Kristen Stewart

Nevertheless, there is rather a lot of fun to be had in deliberating over the tricky love choices both women have to make.

The Twilight Saga: The Eclipse, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

Who should brooding Bella end up with? Vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) or werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner)?

The Twilight Saga: The Eclipse, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart

And, who should jaunty Jane choose?


Orange-hued charmer Jake (Alec Baldwin) or plastic-faced architect Adam (Steve Martin)?


What are your thoughts?

Eclipse is currently available on Sky Box Office and Filmflex.

It’s Complicated is showing on Sky Movies Premiere today 10th December at 8pm, and at various times throughout the week.

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