Couch Potato Pickings | Fame (2009) has only one great moment and it would be better in Glee

Fame,Kherington Payne

I loved Fame, the 80s TV series. During its run on British TV, I watched it religiously, I bought two of ‘the Kids from ‘Fame’ albums, attempted to dance to the albums (badly), I donned the legwarmers, and I learned to play Starmaker and Fame on the piano, and I spent hours trying to make Bruno-style music on my limited little keyboard.

The Alan Parker film Fame, even though it came first, didn’t actually come to my attention until I’d experienced the TV series, And, in comparison, it didn’t leave a great impression on me. Maybe I was too young to appreciate it, or maybe I’d become so attached to the characters in the series that it disappointed me that many of them were played by different actors in the movie.

And that is why I wasn’t filled with too much excitement when I first heard about the 2009 remake of this movie. In fact, I remember exclaiming that a remake of the TV series would be far more attractive to me, and then Glee came along – even better!

I can’t imagine that Glee did Fame any favours. By the time this musical movie remake finally came into my couch potato world, I’d already become a Gleek. It didn’t stand a chance.

Understandably, it took me a while to get round to Fame (2009), but I decided to finally check it out the other week. I had a jellyfish costume to make for a friend’s fancy dress party so I put the movie on to entertain me while stapling christmas ribbon to a broken umbrella.

Fame, Naturi Naughton

But, did it entertain?

Well, marginally. Fame (2009) charts four years in the lives of an assortment of students at the New York performing arts school. Each has an acting/ filmmaking/ dancing/acting/ songwriting dream and a personal story of some sort – a struggle with pushy parents or a lack of confidence – you know the sort of thing, and the performances are undeniably very accomplished.

However, it’s nothing special. Debbie Allen who played Lydia ‘you want fame, well fame costs, and right here’s where you start paying’ Grant in the TV series has a small role in this film, but as a teacher with a different name (weird). Cheers stars Kelsey Grammer and Bebe Neuwirth also star (also kind of weird).

The best moment in this film, and quite possibly the only great moment, is when Will & Grace star Megan Mullally belts out an amazing performance as singing teacher Ms Rowan.

Great isn’t she? But it has to be said that she’d be even better in Glee.

Fame is showing on Sky Movies Premiere today 27th August at 8pm, 28th August at 10am and 8pm, 29th August at 10am and 8pm and at various times throughout the week.

Or you can catch a repeat of Glee on E4 on Sunday 29th August at 6pm