Couch Potato Pickings | Footloose – why remake this 1984 film?
Kevin Bacon into the limelight, and SJP to some extent.

And I guess that’s the plan – to launch the career of a brand new Kevin Bacon, to spark a new youth dance craze, to churn out a load of new music and cash in on all the other movie franchise trimmings. If it works there’ll be cash-a-plenty.

But will it work? This remake has already seen Zac Efron and Chace Crawford pull out. Last week it was announced that lead character Ren McCormack will now be played by unknown dancer Kenny Wormald. And, apparently, it’s slated for release on April Fool’s day next year!

Doesn’t sound too promising does it. But, that Kenny is not a bad looking guy.

Kenny Wormald

There’s promise there. You never know, Ken’s role as Ren could well see us adding words like K-Worm and Kenraptured into our vocab.

Or, at the end of 2011 will it be ‘Kenny Wormald, who he?’

Time will tell. According to director Craig Brewer, the remake will be given some Southern grit with a fictional Tennessee setting, and it will be kicked into 2011.

So that’ll be obese, dungaree-clad  Americans on mobility vehicles objecting to K-Worm’s cellphone ringtone? Oh, and maybe they’ll throw in a Miley Cyrus cameo.

Can’t we just stick with Kev and his 12-inch fly?

Footloose,Kevin Bacon

Footloose is showing today, 30th June, at 9pm on E4.

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