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What do Jodie Foster and Lindsay Lohan have in common?

Jodie FosterLindsay Lohan

Freaky Friday, that’s what. There are currently three film versions of this body-swapping tale in existence, and who knows how many more to come in the future…

The first Freaky Friday, made in 1976, stars Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster. In 1995 Shelley Long and Gaby Hoffmann were the ones swapping places, and Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis brought another version to life in 2003.

The body-swapping theme is a popular one in film. Check out some of the others here. However, Freaky Friday clearly seems to be the most popular of all.

Spookily, two versions are showing this weekend. Freaky.

Today, it’s a young Jodie Foster exchanging places with her mother Barbara Harris on E4 at 10.45am. You can catch Lindsay in her version tomorrow.

If I swapped places with my mother, the first thing I’d do would be replace her dial-up with broadband. Then I’d spruce up her jaded kitchen before asserting some Mary Portas-influenced ideas in the Cancer Research charity shop where she works two days a week.

I dread to think what she’d make of my world.