Couch Potato Pickings – Ghost
this Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze romantic thriller since the early 1990s because the last time I did I was able to tolerate that dreaded song, Unchained Melody.

Following Robson and Jerome’s version in 1995, I went off the ditty somewhat. My opinion could have been changed if I’d then heard LeAnn Rimes‘ decent 1997 rendition, but sadly I didn’t until it was too late. So, the next one was Gareth Gates‘ 2002 attempt, which made me dislike it even further. And then when it became a favourite for Pop Idol and X Factor auditions… well, that was the final straw.

Now that this song well and truly sets my teeth on edge I’m wondering how effective that famously erotic potter’s wheel scene will be when I watch it tonight.