Following Patrick Swayze’s death last week, the channels here in the UK have all jumped at the chance to show his repertoire of TV shows and films. Hardly surprising of course. It was bound to happen.

On the morning the news broke, I contemplated whether that classic track from his best-known film Dirty Dancing, with the highly appropriate title (I’ve Had) the Time of My Life

Swayze song She’s Like the Wind has  found its way into many ipods too this past week, but what about Unchained Melody?

I’ve voiced my feelings about this song before here on Movie Talk and I have to say that I’m relieved that nobody saw Swayze’s death as a reason to resurrect it. Phew.

Nevertheless, things might change after tonight, because Ghost is showing on Film 4 at 9pm.

The Patrick Swayze thriller Black Dog is also showing tonight on BBC2 at 11.20pm

There’ll be more Swayze movies on TV tomorrow, including a big favourite.