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Patrick Swaze,Demi Moore

This film is regularly voted highly in those polls of romantic moments in the movies, and there was one year when it came in at Number One.

When I read this I was so surprised that my hands slipped on the clay and the vase I was making ended up splattered around the room

OK, that was a joke. I’m not into making my own clay crafts and I certainly don’t share the popular opinion that the infamous passion and pottery scene is the most romantic of all time.

Demi Moore,Patrick Swayze

It’s erotic. Everyone can see that –  they’re building a slippery, wet phallic object together for god’s sake. It’s also moving – the potter’s wheel is moving… I’m moving, towards the remote control to turn down that dreaded Unchained Melody… But romantic? Surely the most romantic scenes emerge when two people get together just when you thought they never would?

If I had to name my number one romantic movie moment, I think it would be that wonderful scene in Sense and Sensibility where Emma Thompson’s Elinor discovers that her heartthrob Edward Ferrars isn’t married as she thought, but single and in love with her.

What do you think?

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