Couch Potato Pickings – Grease

Stockard Channing

According to this quiz, the Grease character I most resemble is Rizzo. I find that extremely bizarre since I certainly wasn’t a popular, confident, man-eating gang leader at school – quite the opposite in fact. Maybe the quiz only works properly if you are still at school (it certainly made me feel rather old).

Anyway, I love this musical film simply because it spawned my first ever crush on a film star at the age of 10. I saw the film twice at the cinema, bought the album, pinned up the posters, wore the badges, dreamed of owning some tight satin trousers and even purchased the song album.

Olivia Newton John & John Travolta

Speaking of the songs, I scored 8 out of 10 in this song lyrics quiz. Not bad eh? But, I’m afraid I can’t mention the songs from Grease without having a moan about the horror that is Summer Nights. I loved this number as a child when it hit the UK charts, but since then it’s transformed into a terrifying monster that rears its head at hen parties, weddings and girls’ nights outs, particularly with that screeching ending. Urgh, I’m cringing now just thinking about it.

I’m sure everyone has a favourite song from this movie. I think mine has to be the one that most resembles a showtune –  There Are Worse things I Could Do –  so maybe this means I am channeling Rizzo after all.