On Sky Movies Premiere tonight at 8pm

It’s Monday, it’s the 13th of the month, the cold I’ve had for a few days has now developed into a cough and we’re heading into a global recession.

What I need is a good dose of escapism. During the Great Depression they had Busby Berkeley’s musicals, following World War Two MGM musicals helped everyone back on their feet. There’s nothing better than a musical for taking you away from harsh reality. In fact, I’m sure it’s no coincidence that Mamma Mia! with its idyllic Greek island setting and feelgood Abba songs is still pulling people in at the box office, three months after its cinema release.

Tonight’s movie adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, starring John Travolta in a frock, has to be a fitting antidote to my Monday blues. It’s on Sky Movies Premiere all week, but today is the day that I need to see it most.